Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Septic Tanks

The NYT:
The show followed the adventures of a time-traveling character whose spaceship was cunningly disguised as an old-fashioned telephone booth and who saved the universe by means of immortality, brilliance, a mordant sense of humor and an array of useful enemy-thwarting devices. It remained on the air in one form or another until 1989, the potential awkwardness of having a succession of different actors in the title role explained airily away by the Doctor’s ability to morph into a different body every few years.
Telephone booth! Ignoramus.


plmokn said...

Translator's licence (UK English to US English) when the referent no longer exists? Mind you, few Brits would know what a police box was.

Hammy Goonan said...

Comments Chris. Quite the step up.